德国PCO公司的pco.edge SCMOS相机是突破科学级相机的一款产品,具备极低读出噪声,高帧频、高动态范围、高量子效率、高分辨率和大视野。可*各种科研级应用。主要应用于生命科学、物理、天文医学、显微成像、科学成像、荧光成像、生物和化学发光、高光谱分析等领域。

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PCO制冷CCD相机拥有的低噪声特性,分为12bit,14bit的数据位率。相机自身合整机内影像内存,能够达到160MB/s快速影像记录速度。系统功能热电冷却(delta vs. ambient -50℃),极出众的高分辨率和低噪声(可达12e-rms)特性。相机紧凑外观设计并提供外置智能电源。图像素具可以通过用户所选择的标准数据接口传输到计算机中(1394、camera link)。可选曝光范围5μs至49天,并且默认支持PIV曝光模式。




pco.1300 cooled digital 12 bit CCD camera system resolution 1392 x 1040 pixel excellent quantum efficiency up to 65 % thermoelectrically cooled -25 °C vs. ambient 12 bit dynamic range superior low noise of typ. 6 e- rms @ 10 MHz “now glow” functionality at long exposure times exposure times range from 5 μs - 1 h hot pixel correction integrated optimal offset stability and control (< 1 count/h) standard IEEE 1394a (“FireWire”) interface software selectable NIR sensitivity enhancement free software camware and software development kit included

pco.1300 This high performance digital 12 bit CCD camera system is perfectly suited for life science and machine vision applications, where an excellent image quality and high offset stability is required. The pco.1300 has an remarkable quantum efficiency of up to 65%. At the heart of the camera is an FPGA processor allowing for sophisticated control and accurate timing of the CCD and associated electronics. In addition a proprietary offset control algorithm has been developed which provides very high offset stability, regardless of ambient temperature or signal changes ensuring accurate and repeatable quantitative data over long periods of time. Binning, cooling, as well as other features of the camera can be selected and optimized to accomodate the user‘s application. The camera features excellent resolution (1392 x 1040 pixel), 12 bit dynamic range, exposure times from 5 µs - 1 hour, internal frame buffer for continuous image capture (64 MB min.), excellent low noise of 6 e- rms @ 10 MHz, cooling of -25 °C versus ambient temperature, standard interface IEEE 1394a („FireWire“), optimal offset stability and control (< 1 count/h).






pco.edge 3.120481536USB 3.0Color50 fps
PCO.edge 4.2 LT20482048USB3.0Color40fps
PCO.edge 4.220482048CameraLink/USB3.0Color100fps
PCO.edge 5.525602160CameraLink/USB3.0Color100fps
PCO.edge Gold 4.220482048USB3.0Color40fps
PCO.edge Gold 5.525602160USB3.0Color32fps 




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