pco.edge 3.1 | scientific CMOS camera

简要描述:pco.edge 3.1 | scientific CMOS camera
PCO edge sCMOS相机使用科学级的sCMOS芯片,500万像素成像分辨率,量子效率可以达到57%,16位的动态范围,极低的读出噪音,小于1.2个电子,并提供高速的成像100幅/秒@全分辨率情况下,可*科学应用中对于低噪音、高帧速、宽动态范围及高分辨率的需求。

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pco.edge 3.1 | scientific CMOS camera



  • 双路读出,放大,A/D转换
  • 5T、微透镜、片上CDS技术
  • 超高分辨率5.5M
  • 超高速度100fps
  • 超高灵敏度和动态范围16bit,88.6dB
  • 超低读出噪声:<2erms

pco.edge 3.1 | scientific CMOS camera

rolling shutter readout modes - optimized for synchronization of microscopes and scanning applications

All pco.edge sCMOS cameras from the beginning feature a variety of precise synchronization modes,which are optimized for advanced microscopy imaging and scanning. The flexible frame and line triggers
with very low latency in combination with the free selectable readout modes can easily be combined to cover every modern microscopy situation
to name a few:

  • lightsheet microscopy
  • selective plane imaging microscopy (SPIM)
  • structured illumination microscopy
  • localizations microscopy(GSD, PALM, STORM, dSTORM)
  • spinning disk confocal microscopy

For example, one mode is used in a lightsheet or SPIM application, the lower right rolling shutter operational mode “single top down” operation is convenient to properly synchronize the camera exposure with the scanner. On the other hand,if speed is required and a flash like exposure is applied the upper left mode “dual outside in” is used for localization microscopy techniques like GSD, PALM or STORM.


superior image quality
The new pco.edge camera (with scientific CMOS image sensor) features outstanding low read out noise of 1.1 electrons (e-) med. Even at maximum speed of 50 frames/s at full resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixel
the noise is 1.1 e- med. Moreover the pco.edge provides an excellent homogeneous pixel response to light (PRNU, photo response non-uniformity) and an excellent homogeneous dark signal pixel behaviour
(DSNU, dark signal non-uniformity), which is achieved by a sophisticated electronic circuit technology and firmware algorithms. The lower figure shows a comparison of a scientific grade CCD and the new pco.sCMOS image sensor under similar weak illumination conditions. This demonstrates the superiority of pco.sCMOS over CCD with regards to read out noise and dynamic, without any smear (the vertical lines in the CCD image).








pco.edge 3.1

20481536USB 3.0Color50 fps
PCO.edge 4.2 LT20482048USB3.0Color40fps
PCO.edge 4.220482048CameraLink/USB3.0Color100fps
PCO.edge 5.525602160CameraLink/USB3.0Color100fps
PCO.edge Gold 4.220482048USB3.0Color40fps
PCO.edge Gold 5.525602160USB3.0Color32fps



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