简要描述:AisaIBIS高光谱遥感空间成像系统价格1.Spectral Range光谱范围: 670-780 nm 2.Spectral resolution:0.11nm3.F/#: F/1.74.FOV,focusing range: 32.3°degrees,0.5m to infinity5.Detector

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1.  Spectral Range光谱范围: 670-780 nm

2.  Spectral resolution:0.11nm

3.  F/#: F/1.7

4.  FOV,focusing range: 32.3°degrees,0.5m to infinity

5.  Detector 探测器: sCMOS,snapshot mode 高灵敏度

6.  Spatial pixels: 768

7.  Spectral bands: 1000

8.  Smile/Keystone: < 0.3 pixels

9.  Detector cooling探测器制冷方式:Peltier

10. Optics temperature stabilization: Yes

11. Camera output成像接口: 16bit CL cameralink

12. Signal-to-noise ratio信噪比:680:1

13. 配套采集卡及线缆Data cable: Length 5meters

14. Frame grabber: BitFlow Karbon CL-4

15. Camera control: USB/RS232

16. Framer rate:100Hz

17. 曝光时间根据速度改变自动调整

18. 功耗:一般是135W,Max 200W

19. 电压:18-36V

20. 主体尺寸:588*227*160mm;电源及DPU尺寸:300*190*130mm

21. 重量:主体14.2kg ,电源及DPU的重量:5kg

22. Electro-mechanical shutter: Res

23. Shutter: Electro-mechanical shutter for dark image acquisition

24. Storage存储温度:-20°C - +50 °C

25.pectralDAQ support: Res

26.Accessories: Radiometric and geometric calibration, white calibration tile


DPU with RSCube software

1.  Compact DPU with graphical user interface

2.  Wide 18-36 V DC operating voltage. 比较宽的18-36V的直流工作电压

3.  High performance data acquisition unit, capable of continuous data acquisition and storage without lost frames at data rate of 75 MB/s. 高性能数据采集单元,能够连续的数据采集和存储,而不丢失帧的数据速率为75 Mb / s。

4.   Solid state system disk.  高稳定性固态硬盘

5.   2 solid state hot-swap disks for data collection. Capacity altogether 512 GB, sufficient for 4 hours continuous acquisition;2个固态硬盘交替数据采集,容量512GB。可以4小时连续采集

6.  Automatic positioning and image data stream synchronizing solution. The solution provides synchronization between image and positioning data every second. Synchronization is referenced to the 1PPS pulse from the GNSS/IMU sensor and gives timing for the image frames with resolution of one millisecond. 自动定位和图像数据流同步的解决方案

7.  SPECIM RSCube software is readily installed for controlling the sensor and data acquisition and storing synchronized positioning and image data


8.  The image data format is ENVI compatible bil16 raw binary format with ASCII header file. 图像数据是适合ENVI配套使用的16位的原始数据格式

9.  Gigabit LAN and USB 3.0 connections for fast data extraction.

Cable set for AisaIBIS

Includes all cables required for an operational AisaIBIS system



光谱图像数据处理单元系统 Isuzu-V2.0

1.  Display interface: 可显示光谱曲线及光谱图像

2.  Recording control of spectral images to hard disk. Data format is compatible to ENVI processing software. 与ENVI软件配合方便

3.   White and dark corrections. 黑白校正

4.  Stepping motor control  机械平台及旋转平台的控制

5.  Spectral Image Analyzer 光谱图像分析

6.  Spectral reflectance calculation光谱反射率计算

7.  Spectral angle mapping(SAM)光谱匹配角度填图功能

8.  Cut ROI(Range of interest)档案切割功能

9.  Color/ Mono image display彩/单色图像显示

10. Single Spectral image & 3D image display单波长影像及3D立体图像显示

11. STDEV function标准偏差计算分析功能

12. All single spectral image save to PNG单光谱影像储存

13. Spectral binning function光谱分辨率调整功能

14. Spectral smoothing function光谱平滑修正功能

15. 测量系统/应用控制及分析软件:

1) X1 Carbon 14" WQHD(2560x1440)IPS Screen,In i7-6500U,8GB RAM,512GB SSD


3)可图示: 收光角度 、 偏振、 相对强度、 固定入射光角度;

    4)可图示: 偏振、相對反射光谱强度、 固定入射光角度 、 收光角度;


1.  Reference panels:Spectralon®,10X10-inch(25.4X25.4cm), Calibrated, White, 99% Reflective/128170

2.  Rotary stage for AisaIBIS (for use in lab and ground applications) 原装云台及软件控制

3.  Tripod for the ground use原装三脚架

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